Snake Babu Of SASTRA

This is a very special blog entry....very close to my heart as its dedicated to the snake in HP AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS[may your soul that rests in peace come back to life with hope after you read this blog]....this entry is about RCM (R Chandramouli) who is the most reptile friendly person in SASTRA.

My physics professor this semester, RCM(now on RCM=snake babu) can be given a position in Tanjore book of records for the most number of reptiles(snakes) dangling on a person.

first day ,second semester ,I reach my class 10 minutes late , physics class and what I get is a big NO ENTRY to his lecture despite my constant banging at the door.
but as they say whatever happens happens for good [read the next few lines CAREFULLY to understand the irony of whatever I said]

the moment I enter my class..
......DEEPTI:oh god he has a snake hanging on his neck.
......VALLI:u saw the snake on his hand??
......HARSHINI:oh u guys missed those on his fingers.
......JARI:mummy I am scared of him.....
......NITYA:ayoo he talks to himself in class
.......*an exceptional case to be mentioned*

The first time I saw him I had goosebumps all over me. The steps in my hair cut stood up and my eyes refused to blink[this only happens wen I have WTF going on in my mind].
3 rounds of Rudraksh wit a Naagin hanging on his neck, silver bracelet shaped like a snake and 4 rings on his reptile scaled fingers depicting snakes....EVERYTHING ABT HIM WAS LETS SAY...pheeewwww and freaky.

He makes the audible frequency of physics below 20Hz in class[he is inaudible to normal people like me].
I guess reptile admirers love the alphabet A...they add it to everything they say

for example..SNAKY:this is'a' laser'a' which'a' emits'a' ....lolz

wen I kinda tried to make inquiries about his life "miss" anonymous gave me some real valuable info which clarified all the unanswered questions[snake babu ki guft kahani revealed:HEADLINES ON AAJ]

ANONYMOUS:He is a hard earned SHIV BHAKT....nitya brahmachari....finding such a man in this modern world is so difficult...he has a pure mind...he is highly spiritual.

In his cabin his bum rests on a leopard skin[or cheetah skin..I really don't know but that's illegal I guess ?]...and in lab his bum cant rest without setting our bums on fire.

First impression in his case cannot be considered the last...he looks scary like a viper at first...when you get used to him you realise that he is something you shouldn't really be scared of.
Over time I figured he was an amazing human being who observed people well . He had his creepy ways of getting pleasure out of scaring people, but if it were not for him I would have never ended a cold war with my best friend.

so snake of CHAMBER OF SECRETS beware...........we have a smart snake in SASTRA and MIND IT!!!!!....he is smarter than any other ,,,,mind IT!!!!


sneha said…
wat a description man....i wonder if he knws tom marvolo riddle....seriously snake babu is one totally diff person in the whole of india i guess
archie said…
lolz.....i hope he reads it !!!
cool said…
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cool said…
rcm should read this....he vil say...watt'a' archana ???u createdddu a blog'a'?????
u owe me a perk ..!!!!!!!!everyone those who read dis from our sec can easily find out who s dat anonymous....better to change ur scheme of giving perk
Sahil K said…
lol...You really have such a prof..Good note indeed!
archie said…
@cool.....i guess u r rite....let me bring it down to a coffee bite? ;P
archie said…
@sahil....tis is the best and the mosr prominent specimen in our college
there r others too hu compete to ocuppy his position in the SASTRA GALLERY OF WIERDOS