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Gossip sessions......ssshhh!!!!

This is for my hostel friends who have made my stay in sastra fun wit the gossip u guys!!!!

getting bored in ur hostel room??? not in a mood to study?? the only solution to ur problem is a nice GOSSIP session wit ur truly works[EXPERIENCED]

wat is my kinda gossip topic???
frankly speaking all the unwanted gossips....lolz.....
unwanted in the sense abt some B**** in my hostel or college and her doings,new rules in SASTRA[*nothing new in it*],gals wit 3 to 4 bf's[wow...appreciate their talent in tis field],abt ppl getting really close[ahem ahem.....tey r just gud friends u see :P],
etc etc.....
in sastra gossips are the only source of enjoyment cause sastra in full of gossips.
after coming here for the first time i witnessed guys hu gossip and listen to gossips.[spread them also]

its always a fight during the G SESSION.....ppl fighting to take turns and back bite abt someone.....lolz.
tis is how it begins..

A:u know wat i saw her wit him today.
B:but i saw …