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the broken bridge

Loneliness was widespread as a soft breeze whispered the chimes of
time into their ears,
as it moved along through history,
leaving it's soft scent with the breeze to carry forever,
pass it on to those ignorant souls
that have lost their dignity, humanity and a value of their own

a broken bridge is all that is left,
between their world and a world that believed in them
shattered are they , shattered is the whole existence
yes its ignorance, a reason for comfort and satisfaction,

The breeze will continue to carry forth the soft scent
a never tiring attempt in the ages to come
but I wonder when this world would cease to survive
I wonder when the breeze would die,
I wonder if till then I would exist...

girls and games

Girls And Games, the only thing common btn the two words is alphabet G[this is the thought process of an ideal guy who spends most of his time with a joystick in hand]. Whenever i find my guy friends discussing abt games,i some how try poking my nose into their conversation with my gaming experience and wat do i get.....COLD STARES, gals are not designed to use playstations,stick to ur barbie and accesories.

as we know it that there are exceptions in everything....I would modify that statement-THERE ARE MANY EXCEPTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO GAMING. its not that we gals are NOT DESIGNED FOR PLAYSTATIONS[infact no one is designed for it...we designed it] and it is also not true that only pink stuff, barbies and teddy bears RULE our entertainment section[they did till my 8th i guess *wink*].

whenever i tell someone abt the games i play[ a total AOE+ NFS + virtual combat fan] the only response i get is-" are u seriously kidding???"[mean]. tis reminds me of priyanka chopra's …