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the missing link

“Doctor, it’s high time you got back to your patients, it will be quite a task for you today.”
Huh….. Where am I? whoa… this is not my apartment . how did I get here? My head feels heavy, wait , that woman in white is definitely not Janet, what is she even doing in my bedroom? She looks like a nurse from her uniform…. am I sick??
“excuse me young lady, this doesn’t seem like my apartment”
“oh doctor, no nasty jokes today please , you have a lot of work, rise and get to your desk ”
“am I the doctor?”
“Now doc, enough of this fooling around business and GET TO WORK”
“give me a break…I AM NO DOCTOR!!! … let me out of this dungeon . I’m Jake , student of Illinois academy , so just let me go!!”
“now that’s enough doc, you are not going anywhere “
Wait , not that, I can go back sleep or at least fake it for your sake but not the ever dreaded syringe. “STOP … I’ll calm down, please keep that awful thing away from me”
“all right as you say”
Now where was I last night?? At the Petro’s Open , exact…