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On a cloudy day, a pleasant cool breeze tantalizes every heart towards it. who does not wanna take a stroll when the whole atmosphere is inviting and the breathe taking beauty of nature's various faces has already synchronised itself to an admirer's rhythm.

just imagine, a little rainbow coloured butterfly steps out of its cocoon into this already overburdened land of lust. A butterfly that had seen life on Earth through it's catterpillar eyes and always wished to get wings like every look alike of her's had. After months of patience, penance, isolation and conefinement she breaks open her cocoon and flutters her mulicoloured wings with utter excitement. A true gift that opens the world to her from a new perspective .

The breeze transforms itself into a storm. Poor little thing has just shed its old life and its first flight itself turns out to be a doubtful one. The storm is harsh and swings her from left to right, giving her no opportunity to follow her will…