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The Lost Gurukul And The Rise Of Industrial Slaves

Every minute 34 babies are born in our country. In a tropical country like ours ,stable climate, good soil and rich crop produce contributed extensively to our population growth. One of the primary reasons why highly populated countries are in between the tropical latitudes.


 Nevertheless , Abundance of resources was always used as an ulterior motive behind colonization. Colonization was an era our country can never erase off history. Some consider it to be a boon in few ways, like it brought in industrialization and civilization into our country. The Europeans believed that it was their responsibility to civilize the Asian and African continents and in return deprive them off their resources.

 Along with the British era came in 'Factory Model Of Education', a form of teaching which prepared you for becoming an industrial slave. We are a democratic, secular ,independent nation and to get rid of the colonial tag attached to us  we have even renamed Bombay to Mumbai, Madras to …