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the missing link

“Doctor, it’s high time you got back to your patients, it will be quite a task for you today.”
Huh….. Where am I? whoa… this is not my apartment . how did I get here? My head feels heavy, wait , that woman in white is definitely not Janet, what is she even doing in my bedroom? She looks like a nurse from her uniform…. am I sick??
“excuse me young lady, this doesn’t seem like my apartment”
“oh doctor, no nasty jokes today please , you have a lot of work, rise and get to your desk ”
“am I the doctor?”
“Now doc, enough of this fooling around business and GET TO WORK”
“give me a break…I AM NO DOCTOR!!! … let me out of this dungeon . I’m Jake , student of Illinois academy , so just let me go!!”
“now that’s enough doc, you are not going anywhere “
Wait , not that, I can go back sleep or at least fake it for your sake but not the ever dreaded syringe. “STOP … I’ll calm down, please keep that awful thing away from me”
“all right as you say”
Now where was I last night?? At the Petro’s Open , exact…

my ballet queen

her walk down the aisle is all i remember
a journey of aspiration, the way beyond her imagination
dreams with wings bowed down to bestow her
for she had marveled them,leveling their mystics to a real world
her last walk ,a moment to mesmerize
for then she was distant, distant forever

every time i see through my monocle
i see dragonflies reminiscing her aura
fireflies just like the shimmering light in her
her toes like tiny pins on the floor,
her movements as swift as a swan
atimes ferocious like a storm
sometimes soft and sober like a unicorn

her soft lily perfume lingers around the theater
her absence a fantasy none get over


On a cloudy day, a pleasant cool breeze tantalizes every heart towards it. who does not wanna take a stroll when the whole atmosphere is inviting and the breathe taking beauty of nature's various faces has already synchronised itself to an admirer's rhythm.

just imagine, a little rainbow coloured butterfly steps out of its cocoon into this already overburdened land of lust. A butterfly that had seen life on Earth through it's catterpillar eyes and always wished to get wings like every look alike of her's had. After months of patience, penance, isolation and conefinement she breaks open her cocoon and flutters her mulicoloured wings with utter excitement. A true gift that opens the world to her from a new perspective .

The breeze transforms itself into a storm. Poor little thing has just shed its old life and its first flight itself turns out to be a doubtful one. The storm is harsh and swings her from left to right, giving her no opportunity to follow her will…