the missing link

“Doctor, it’s high time you got back to your patients, it will be quite a task for you today.”
Huh….. Where am I? whoa… this is not my apartment . how did I get here? My head feels heavy, wait , that woman in white is definitely not Janet, what is she even doing in my bedroom? She looks like a nurse from her uniform…. am I sick??
“excuse me young lady, this doesn’t seem like my apartment”
“oh doctor, no nasty jokes today please , you have a lot of work, rise and get to your desk ”
“am I the doctor?”
“Now doc, enough of this fooling around business and GET TO WORK”
“give me a break…I AM NO DOCTOR!!! … let me out of this dungeon . I’m Jake , student of Illinois academy , so just let me go!!”
“now that’s enough doc, you are not going anywhere “
Wait , not that, I can go back sleep or at least fake it for your sake but not the ever dreaded syringe. “STOP … I’ll calm down, please keep that awful thing away from me”
“all right as you say”
Now where was I last night?? At the Petro’s Open , exactly. Now what could have happened?? The last thing I remember was my last drink that someone had offered me. Wait, I think I can recollect his name, finally, Dr Parington . Wait a second, did the nurse just mistake me for him?? Do I look like him now?? Did he drug me last night , bring me here and carry out a plastic surgery on me?? Why would he do that?? OH GOD ,my head still feels heavy !!!
“we’ve some visitors for you doc , claim to be your close friends- Ricky and Fred. Shall I send them in?”
Ricky and Fred? Never heard of them before. Will meeting them fill in the missing links? Let me give it a shot.
“send them in.”
“hullo parry, You don’t seem delighted to meet us again are you?? Well it’s high time u told us your little fairy tale”
“I’m sorry but I’m not Parington. My name is Jake Marshall . I’m stuck in the doctor’s body and I have no clue as to how I got in here. Please help me get out of here”
Oh no… not a gun.
“NO more tricks with us young fella, speak up or else u know what might happen”
“Believe me guys, I know nothing, I’m Jake and not parry , my soul is stuck in his body , trust me , don’t shoot me”
“he is out his wits. What say??”
“pull the trigger…. RIP insane parry, we’ll miss you here”
Whoa… I could feel it pierce through my chest, it does hurt, it hurts like hell. I’m still 20 and my life ends . RIP Jake Marshall inside the body of Dr Parington. The mystery remains unsolved and I don’t know when my heart would stop beating. Till then let me think ….where was I?? how did I get here? RIP.
Illinois State Academy
“JAKE… what’s wrong? You seem busy these days”
“uh that … I’m working on my neurotransmitter based project. I get busy with it most of the time and hence don’t get time to have a small chat with you guys. Chill anyways, once it gets over we are off on a road trip”
A road trip, now that sounds pleasing. After 20 long years I’m back in those good old days, thank you Jake, and thank you. I saw your photo on the main page of the herald, it was bound to happen, sorry for your demise, I mean it. It was a plan, my accomplice Sarah knew all about the master plan, alas she is no more, I had to slit her throat for our good. Finally , the first of its kind, a brain transplant- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED . Now Jake, you must be wondering why I chose you right. Well you chose me, you fell for my bait young man…ha-ha. Hasn’t your mom ever warned you about not trusting strangers? A drugged drink followed by a 4 hours surgery, two simple steps ma boy. You want me to clarify something else?? Aah… yes, the Ricky and Fred part. Old friends of mine indeed, I had a pact with them, bags of unlimited cash for my best but still a secret creation- THE BRAIN DETONATOR. They were nasty old friends, planned to put my soul to rest once my creation was bought. My smartness had sensed the stench of their fraudulence. That’s when I decided to use you and save myself. I’m glad I made the right choice- young and handsome with a gorgeous Chevy in hand, I seriously made no wrong choice. Ah… I forgot Janet is a price Jake; I’ll take care of her in your absence. Till then rest in peace ma savior.