girls and games

Girls And Games, the only thing common btn the two words is alphabet G[this is the thought process of an ideal guy who spends most of his time with a joystick in hand]. Whenever i find my guy friends discussing abt games,i some how try poking my nose into their conversation with my gaming experience and wat do i get.....COLD STARES, gals are not designed to use playstations,stick to ur barbie and accesories.

as we know it that there are exceptions in everything....I would modify that statement-THERE ARE MANY EXCEPTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO GAMING. its not that we gals are NOT DESIGNED FOR PLAYSTATIONS[infact no one is designed for it...we designed it] and it is also not true that only pink stuff, barbies and teddy bears RULE our entertainment section[they did till my 8th i guess *wink*].

whenever i tell someone abt the games i play[ a total AOE+ NFS + virtual combat fan] the only response i get is-" are u seriously kidding???"[mean]. tis reminds me of priyanka chopra's scooty add-Y SHUD GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN??[it would have made some sense if she did this add for some gaming site]. I would give a 10/10 for tis punch line[the only thing i wud appreciate P.C of the time i just ENVY her].its not that gals dont play games, its just a matter of getting exposed to these games and getting the rite response[unlike the are u kidding sarcastic one]. From my experience, being a part of this varied world for the last 19 yrs, i know a LOT[underline a lot] of gals who play games,i am very sure that these gaming maidens can defeat the so called gamers before GAMEOVER.


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