Arun ice creams and egg confusion gr8 combination

For those of who don't know where SASTRA is let me tell you the precise location....ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!.For those who don't know what SASTRA is.....MY COLLEGE SITUATEDIS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!

The only place that our college girls can access outside the campus without a fax or permission from DOSA is college house, which has this BRAND NEW ARUN ICE CREAM PARLOUR AND A FORTUNE BAKERY *drooling*

I went to college house with my hostel friends today{*not to mention we stormed into the ice cream parlour...probably 8 of us to celebrate the end of our most feared physics mid sem**end of the SHOW**}. One spoon of ice cream when the sun is mercilessly frying you mid summer would  make anyone scream with joy and relief....that is what happened with  most of us.
We spent almost 20 mins eating our cones and relishing every bit of one interested in sharing their ice creams  *sounds mean but chalta hai...cause its I SCREAM*

After the ice cream it was time for some non veg[being a complete non veg lover stuck in a brahmin institution I hope u understand how much I miss CHICKEN]
FOR THAT...our next stop was fortune bakery where we supposedly get chicken puff and rolls but chicken available till next semester . Why am I so blessed ??
but still we didn't lose our hope and went on to having EGG they say SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO SASTRA.
the hunger monsters within our stomach kept growling for more food .We went on to have mountain dew(darna mana hai sastra??lolz) and pepsi(yeh dil maange more masti in college lyfe).

AFTER this nice long treat and momentary  bail from college campus we made our sultry return back to ARUNDHATI HOSTEL ..(literally a home away from home but practically a torturous environment run by retards)..

my next blog coming soon: SNAKE BABU OF SASTRA


Dharan said…
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Sahil K said…
Hehe..Arthika was right abt the ppl and conditions of SASTRA... She told me all about it! U just clarified facts!