gala gala new year

hello to all my wonderful blog readers :p ...not mention how regular i am when it comes to updating this page :D. I'm back in action this 2012....As you all know it that in don2 -don ko pakda mushkil nahi namumkin hai...mark my words guys that this time archiekens blogs will be NAAHI MUSHKIL TO READ aur NAAHI NAAMUMKIN TO INTERPRET [ maybe some posts will be as such..bear with me fellas :)]

so new year...resolutions...parties....WOW...that's called fun. Being someone who was not born with a silverspoon but forced to eat with a stainless steel, i sometimes tend to crosscheck the definition of the term FUN with my dictionaries at home. New years eve,where am i?? at a random party full of silverchamchas....what am i upto?? dance and that all you would do to pay tribute to this lovely year and welcome the next?? DISGRACEFUL!!!!

IGNORANCE....we have all been ignorant till now. Every new year its our moral duty to realize how ignorant we have been till date. i used ignorant over 3 times already and if u still dont understand what it meant feel free to borrow my OXFORD dictionary.

FOLKS...its high time we shuffle our thought, put it into our ipods and understand every song it plays and shake a leg to match the rhythm....if u can understand what I'm saying love you guys and if u cant ...still love u guys.. my blog will be a desert unless you people make it a dessert!!!!!