Dosti, pyaar and i need a break mere yaar

Everything begins with moves on to LOVE......and then finally when u get bored lets BREAKUP. This is wat a normal guy or gal of my age goes through and frankly speaking its one MASTI BHARI SESSION of our most memorable days .

So how does dosti begin.....simple...i see u and u see me...i smile at u and u smile at me...i say hi and u say wasup....lets be friends forever and ever what say?????
This Friendship deepens day by day....the following are the 5 ways by which AAJ KA HI BYE FRIEND BECOMES KAL KA BEST FRIEND FOREVER....
1.just a warm smile wit a wassup everyday gets ppl a lil closer 
2.a small little chat abt ur classes gets u a lil more closer 
3.treats for no reason at all in the canteen brings u out 
4.spending time in sastra ditch[best place to be in]chit chatting away to glory wit a goldcup in one hand and a samosa in d other gets u really close ;)

NOW...where is the follows the above mentioned 5 steps
If u seriously follow the above mentioned steps wit all ur heart u will end up in a magical world dreaming about d one person u spent ur time wit in the above mentioned agenda’s.
Tats wen they say DIL TOH PAGAL HAI....and ur dil goes all so crazy abt sum1 hu was a total stranger to u like a month back{ it sounds lame but tats wat happens....RESEARCHD FACTS}
The sensible ones who’s 7th sense work wit total perfection take a chance and express their crazy feelings ....and at times the craziness increases( if ur counterpart accepts ur love) or else brings u bak to ur normal state( how sad )
The crazy ones........dont worry ....ppl get bored of crazy ppl very soon and u finally decide to cum bak to ur normal state....tats when d BREAKUP KA BHOOT POPS IN......grand entry at the rite wrong(yamraaj makes a better entry and exit than tis one does).
Coping up wit a heartbreak......aaaaaw.....its hard but then u have more options.....start it off wit the hi bye....i smile and u smile....u say wassup and i say lets meet up at canteen???....its all a cycle folks....:-)